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Quick Tips for New Internet Users

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Glossary of Internet Terms  Introduction

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 Communications via the Internet is relatively new and is expanding rapidly as more people discover the speed at which email messages can be sent and received. The Internet provides access to a vast information resource which is just a few clicks of a mouse button away.

It is inevitable that business via the Internet, though still in its early stages, is set to revolutionize the way we all buy many of the products and services we require. 

Not every business or product lends itself to being marketed over the internet, though as an advertising medium the Internet is already forcing many companies to make fundamental changes to the way they promote their products.

Like all computer related industries and services, the Internet is shrouded by the usual technical mystique, and new (Techie) words which everyone in the business knows, but which are complete gobbledygook to everyone else.

At aegean we have tried to make all our Websites 'New Internet User' friendly. This short tutorial is intended to provide a quick reference to commonly used 'Internet' words as well as some ' browser ' techniques which will hopefully enable you to find the information you are looking for more quickly, strip away some of the mystique and make you feel more relaxed in this new environment.

You found this Website , so you are probably already aware that the real power of the Internet, is the ability to follow hyperlinks on a single WebPage, between WebPages and to other websites. Text links are usually underlined and change color when you move your mouse pointer over them. Pictures and icons can also be links.

Information retrieval can often be slow, and the technique of searching, frustrating to say the least. So to speed things up a bit, try right clicking on the links you are interested in and select, 'open in new window'. By minimizing each window as it appears, you can have several pages downloading at the same time in the background, each in its own separate window.

Each page will be visible at the bottom of your browser window. Clicking on each stored page will restore it, to maximize the window, click the X at the top right of the page. This facility is also useful to ensure that you do not lose your first search page, which you can always return to if the links take you to a dead end.

Your browsers back button is also a useful way of back tracking visited pages, though this does not always work. 

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Top  Glossary 

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Glossary of Internet Terms  Introduction

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Quick Tips for New Internet Users

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Glossary of Common Internet Terms

AccountA confusing term in internet terms that just means you have subscribed for an internet service, it does not mean that you will be billed.
aegean The most comprehensive information resource on the internet for travelers to Turkey.
BrowserThe program which allows you to connect to the internet, Internet Explorer and Netscape being the most popular.
ClientThis term usually refers to software, ie Microsoft Outlook is an email client.
DownloadInformation and data retrieval from the Internet into your computer.
Gobbledygook Or Gobbledegook. Pompous or unintelligible official, or professional, jargon.
Hotmail Over-subscribed email service provider, many emails from this server bounce back marked 'service unavailable'.
Hyperlink (or just Link )Invisible Instructions imbedded in a word or picture linking to bookmarks on the current page, to other pages, or to other websites. Usually but not always underlined.
InternetThousands of permanently operating computers located in hundreds of countries, connected simultaneously to the same network.
http://The unnecessarily lengthy set of hieroglyphics used at the beginning of almost every website address, https:// denotes a website with a secure connection.
MaximizeThe X box at the top right hand corner of most browser windows which expands the current window to fill the screen.
MinimizeThe _ box at the top right hand corner of most browser windows that hides the current window, usually visible as a clickable link on the bar at the bottom of the browser
NewbieIf there is anything on this page that you did not know before, then you are still a Newbie.
Search EngineLarge computers able to search the directory computers and websites for incidences of a word or sequence of words, displaying the results in your browser
ScriptA program included within the html encoding that runs when a web page is loaded, if you ever come across a bad page it is usually due to a badly written script.
SecureSomething the Web is not. There is a lot of paranoia about security on the Web, mostly exaggerated.
TechieA Technical person predisposed to inventing words and systems designed to perpetuate the mystique of his field
WebsiteA page or collection of pages accessible via a unique Internet address.

If there are any words you consider could be usefully included in this glossary, please click here to submit

Whatever your Travel Requirements aegean can help you

Glossary of Internet Terms  Introduction
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