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The Hamam  Turkish Bath  Turkish Massage  Options  Prices
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Karia Princess Hotel Gearden and Hamam
The Hamam

The Turkish Hamam or Turkish Bath is the direct successor to the Roman bath and has had a special place in Turkish tradition for hundreds of years. Traditionally the Hamam has a domed roof with thick bottle-glass lights set into the dome that concentrate the sunlight. Lying on the hot marble slabs it is easy to image yourself transported back to the time of the Saracens.

It is a place where you can rejuvenate both body and mind. After changing into the traditional 'Pestemal' a type of sarong, and wooden shoes called 'Takunya, your body is acclimatized with warm water, then scrubbed with 'loaf', to remove the top layers of dead skin cells and ingrained dirt. The soap massage that follows is pure melting pleasure, leaving your skin refreshed, tingling and your whole body rejuvenated. A warm dry towel, a place to relax and a taste of Turkish delight ends the session, unless of course you want to go the whole way and take a sauna or Turkish massage.

No vacation in Turkey is complete without a visit to the Turkish Bath. Most public baths segregate the sexes, though nowadays there are many Turkish Baths, especially in the larger hotels, where mixed sessions are normal.


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The Hamam  Turkish Bath  Turkish Massage  Options  Prices
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Rayola Logo

Located in the Karia Princess Hotel one of the premier 5 star hotels in Bodrum, the Rayola Manual Therapy Center is one of the longest established independent Turkish Baths in Bodrum. Owned and operated by Rasit Abak and his wife, who maintain the true essence of the Turkish Bath without compromise to the pressures tourism can often inflict on traditional values. 

The Ottoman architectural design of the Rayola Hamam with traditional Turkish music playing in the background will transport you into another world. Rasit and the enthusiasm of his highly trained staff, all wearing national dress, add to a feeling that this is a special occasion.

To equalize body temperature after the heat and humidity of the Hamam, you can drink real Turkish coffee or take tea in a 'sark kose'.

Soaping Up

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The Hamam  Turkish Bath  Turkish Massage  Options  Prices
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Be Healthy · Relax · Feel Younger · Feel Good

To completely satiate the senses a Turkish Bath followed by a Turkish massage and winding down in the sauna has to be the ultimate in relaxation therapy. The Rayola team includes professional masseurs under the guidance of Rasit himself, providing a range of oil massage treatments to relieve the aches and pains of modern living.

  • Treatment of muscles, joints, neck, back and lower back problems

  • Prevention of body consolidation

  • Help to relieve lactic acid

  • Improvement of metabolism and the function of your body, lymphatic system, heart etc...

  • Increase blood circulation and skin condition

  • Immune system support

  • Relieve insomnia

  • Mental and physical relaxation

Infra Red Therapy
Heat Therapy

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The Hamam  Turkish Bath  Turkish Massage  Options  Prices
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In addition to the standard services of the traditional Turkish Bath the following services are also available.....


  • Special face mask for the Hamam, a special recipe used by queens that cleans and protects your skin while having a Turkish Bath.

  • Botanic hair cream used by the old Turkish Kings and Queens as an effective supplement for dried and broken hair, applied before the Turkish Bath.

  • Secret recipe foot cream. Once you are in the Turkish Bath your feet are immersed in a bath of cream water for 10-20 minutes. A special foot cleaning follows, removing hard skin and leaving the feet relaxed and light.


  • A shave in the old Anatolian manner (wedding shave), leaving you clean and fresh.

  • Traditional leg and underarm waxing for the ladies.

  • Manicure and pedicure.

  • Oil massage by professional therapist for total physical and mental relaxation.

  • Sauna, a relaxing optional end to your Turkish bath.

  • A visit our shop for special olive oil soap and scrubbing loaf as a gift for friends, or as a reminder of your Turkish Bath experience.


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The Hamam  Turkish Bath  Turkish Massage  Options  Prices


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TURKISH BATH and MASSAGE     Duration Summer Season Price
Available Every Day USD €UR GBP
Turkish bath 1hr30 15 17 11
Turkish oil massage 0hr10 10 11 7
Turkish oil massage 0hr20 14 16 10
Turkish oil massage 0hr30 16 18 11
Turkish oil massage 0hr45 22 24 16
Sauna ~ 4 4 3
Mini-Package Turkish Bath, 10 minute oil massage and Sauna 0hr10 25 28 18
Maxi-Package Turkish Bath, 45 minute oil massage and Sauna 0hr45 35 39 25


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